Asia Cup without Pakistan? Pakistan’s Participation Also Doubtful For World Cup 2023 In India: Report

Asia Cup 2023:According to recent reports from “The Telegraph India,” there are discussions within the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) about organizing the Asia Cup in 2023 without Pakistan’s participation. This potential scenario could have repercussions for Pakistan’s involvement in the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023, scheduled to be held in India. However, it is important to note that these reports should be treated as speculative until officially confirmed.

Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary and ACC chairman, has stated that the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) proposed “hybrid model” for the Asia Cup has been rejected by other member nations. Shah has suggested that the tournament should be hosted by a single nation, specifically Sri Lanka. Reports indicate that all ACC nations, excluding Pakistan, have expressed their willingness to participate in the continental championship.

Despite this, the PCB remains committed to their “Hybrid Model,” which proposes hosting certain matches, including those against India, in a neutral location such as the United Arab Emirates, while the rest of the matches would be held in Pakistan. This stance by the PCB has diverged from the consensus reached by the other ACC members.

Please note that the information provided is based on the given reports and may be subject to change as the situation evolves.

Allegedly, credible sources suggest that the upcoming executive board meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) will convey a clear message to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). It is expected that the notification will inform the PCB that all other participating nations have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Sri Lanka as the host country for the Asia Cup 2023. Despite being initially chosen as the host, the PCB failed to garner support for its proposed plan. Consequently, the PCB is left with limited options—either accept Sri Lanka as the host or withdraw from hosting the tournament altogether.

In the event that the Pakistan Cricket Team decides not to participate, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are the four countries likely to compete in the Asia Cup 2023. However, India’s refusal to visit Pakistan and their rejection of the hybrid model proposed by the PCB may further escalate tensions, potentially leading to the PCB taking additional actions, such as considering a boycott of the ODI World Cup in India.

According to a report from the PCB, it is said that the PCB has informed ICC officials that their participation in the World Cup will depend on receiving government clearance.

To address the situation, Greg Barclay, the chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), along with Geoff Allardice, the CEO, travelled to Lahore to engage in discussions with the PCB regarding their participation in the ODI World Cup. Details of the topics discussed in the meeting are anticipated to be made public later, either on Thursday or Friday, when the PCB issues an official media release.

Please note that the information provided is based on the given reports and may be subject to change as more updates become available.

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