Highest ODI Score By A Team

Highest ODI Score By A Team

England498/4509.961v NetherlandsAmstelveen17 Jun 2022
England481/6509.621v AustraliaNottingham19 Jun 2018
England444/3508.881v PakistanNottingham30 Aug 2016
Sri Lanka443/9508.861v NetherlandsAmstelveen4 Jul 2006
South Africa439/2508.781v West IndiesJohannesburg18 Jan 2015
South Africa438/949.58.782v AustraliaJohannesburg12 Mar 2006
South Africa438/4508.761v IndiaWankhede25 Oct 2015
Australia434/4508.681v South AfricaJohannesburg12 Mar 2006
South Africa418/5508.361v ZimbabwePotchefstroom20 Sep 2006
India418/5508.361v West IndiesIndore8 Dec 2011
England418/6508.361v West IndiesSt George’s27 Feb 2019
Australia417/6508.341v AfghanistanPerth4 Mar 2015
India414/7508.281v Sri LankaRajkot15 Dec 2009
India413/5508.261v BermudaPort of Spain19 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka411/8508.222v IndiaRajkot15 Dec 2009
South Africa411/4508.221v IrelandCanberra3 Mar 2015
India409/8508.181v BangladeshChattogram10 Dec 2022
South Africa408/5508.161v West IndiesSydney27 Feb 2015
England408/9508.161v New ZealandBirmingham9 Jun 2015
India404/5508.081v Sri LankaEden Gardens13 Nov 2014
New Zealand402/2508.041v IrelandAberdeen1 Jul 2008
India401/3508.021v South AfricaGwalior24 Feb 2010
South Africa399/6507.981v ZimbabweBenoni22 Oct 2010
England399/9507.981v South AfricaBloemfontein3 Feb 2016
Pakistan399/1507.981v ZimbabweBulawayo20 Jul 2018
Sri Lanka398/5507.961v KenyaKandy6 Mar 1996
New Zealand398/5507.961v EnglandThe Oval12 Jun 2015
New Zealand397/5449.021v ZimbabweBulawayo24 Aug 2005
England397/6507.941v AfghanistanManchester18 Jun 2019
New Zealand393/6507.861v West IndiesWellington21 Mar 2015
South Africa392/6507.841v PakistanCenturion4 Feb 2007
India392/4507.841v New ZealandChristchurch8 Mar 2009
India392/4507.841v Sri LankaMohali13 Dec 2017
England391/4507.821v BangladeshNottingham21 Jun 2005
India390/5507.81v Sri LankaThiruvananthapuram15 Jan 2023
West Indies389488.12v EnglandSt George’s27 Feb 2019
Australia389/4507.781v IndiaSydney29 Nov 2020
India387/5507.741v EnglandRajkot14 Nov 2008
India387/5507.741v West IndiesVisakhapatnam18 Dec 2019
England386/6507.721v BangladeshCardiff8 Jun 2019
Pakistan385/7507.71v BangladeshDambulla21 Jun 2010
India385/9507.71v New ZealandIndore24 Jan 2023
South Africa384/6507.681v Sri LankaCenturion10 Feb 2017
India383/6507.661v AustraliaBengaluru2 Nov 2013
India381/6507.621v EnglandCuttack19 Jan 2017
West Indies381/3507.621v IrelandDublin5 May 2019
Australia381/5507.621v BangladeshNottingham20 Jun 2019
Australia378/5507.561v New ZealandCanberra6 Dec 2016
Australia377/6507.541v South AfricaBasseterre24 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka377/8507.541v IrelandDublin (Malahide)18 Jun 2016
India377/5507.541v West IndiesBrabourne29 Oct 2018
India376/2507.521v New ZealandHyderabad (Deccan)8 Nov 1999
Australia376/9507.521v Sri LankaSydney8 Mar 2015
Pakistan375/3507.51v ZimbabweLahore26 May 2015
India375/5507.51v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)31 Aug 2017
India374/4507.481v Hong KongKarachi25 Jun 2008
Australia374/6507.481v IndiaSydney27 Nov 2020
India373/6507.461v Sri LankaTaunton26 May 1999
New Zealand373/8507.461v ZimbabweNapier9 Feb 2012
England373/3507.461v PakistanSouthampton11 May 2019
India373/7507.461v Sri LankaGuwahati10 Jan 2023
South Africa372/649.27.542v AustraliaDurban5 Oct 2016
New Zealand372/6507.441v ZimbabweWhangarei6 Feb 2012
West Indies372/2507.441v ZimbabweCanberra24 Feb 2015
Pakistan371/9507.421v Sri LankaNairobi (Gym)4 Oct 1996
Australia371/6507.421v South AfricaDurban5 Oct 2016
Scotland371/5507.421v EnglandEdinburgh10 Jun 2018
New Zealand371/7507.421v Sri LankaMount Maunganui3 Jan 2019
India370/4507.41v BangladeshMirpur19 Feb 2011
New Zealand369/5507.381v PakistanNapier3 Feb 2015
Australia369/7507.381v PakistanAdelaide26 Jan 2017
England369/9507.381v West IndiesBristol24 Sep 2017
South Africa369/6507.381v BangladeshEast London22 Oct 2017
Australia368/5507.361v Sri LankaSydney12 Feb 2006
Sri Lanka368/4507.361v PakistanHambantota26 Jul 2015
South Africa367/5507.341v Sri LankaCape Town7 Feb 2017
England366/8507.322v IndiaCuttack19 Jan 2017
Sri Lanka366/6507.321v EnglandColombo (RPS)23 Oct 2018
England365/9467.932v New ZealandThe Oval12 Jun 2015
England36548.57.472v ScotlandEdinburgh10 Jun 2018
South Africa365/2507.31v IndiaAhmedabad27 Feb 2010
England364/448.47.472v West IndiesBridgetown20 Feb 2019
Pakistan364/7507.281v New ZealandSharjah14 Dec 2014
Pakistan364/4507.281v ZimbabweBulawayo22 Jul 2018
New Zealand364/4507.281v Sri LankaNelson8 Jan 2019
South Africa363/3507.261v ZimbabweBulawayo23 Sep 2001
New Zealand363/5507.261v CanadaGros Islet22 Mar 2007
India363/5507.261v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)3 Feb 2009
West Indies363/4507.261v New ZealandHamilton8 Jan 2014
India363/5507.261v Sri LankaCuttack2 Nov 2014
Sri Lanka363/9507.261v ScotlandHobart11 Mar 2015
South Africa363/7507.261v Sri LankaPallekele5 Aug 2018
England363/7556.61v PakistanNottingham20 Aug 1992
India362/143.38.322v AustraliaJaipur16 Oct 2013
Australia362/3507.241v ScotlandEdinburgh3 Sep 2013
South Africa361/5428.591v West IndiesCenturion28 Jan 2015
Australia361/8507.221v BangladeshMirpur13 Apr 2011
South Africa361/6507.221v AustraliaJohannesburg2 Oct 2016
Pakistan361/7507.222v EnglandSouthampton11 May 2019
West Indies360/4507.21v Sri LankaKarachi13 Oct 1987
New Zealand360/5507.21v Sri LankaDunedin23 Jan 2015
West Indies360/8507.21v EnglandBridgetown20 Feb 2019
New Zealand360/6507.21v IrelandDublin (Malahide)15 Jul 2022
England359/444.582v PakistanBristol14 May 2019
Australia359/647.57.52v IndiaMohali10 Mar 2019
Australia359/2507.181v IndiaJohannesburg23 Mar 2003
Australia359/5507.181v IndiaSydney8 Feb 2004
New Zealand359/3507.181v EnglandSouthampton2 Jun 2013
Australia359/5507.181v IndiaJaipur16 Oct 2013
Ireland359/9507.182v New ZealandDublin (Malahide)15 Jul 2022
Australia358/5507.161v NetherlandsBasseterre18 Mar 2007
South Africa358/4507.161v BangladeshBenoni9 Nov 2008
New Zealand358/6507.161v CanadaWankhede13 Mar 2011
South Africa358/4507.161v IndiaJohannesburg5 Dec 2013
India358/9507.161v AustraliaMohali10 Mar 2019
Pakistan358/9507.161v EnglandBristol14 May 2019
Sri Lanka357/9507.141v BangladeshLahore25 Jun 2008
West Indies357/4507.141v U.A.E.Harare6 Mar 2018
India356/748.17.392v EnglandPune15 Jan 2017
India356/9507.121v PakistanVisakhapatnam5 Apr 2005
South Africa356/4507.121v West IndiesSt George’s10 Apr 2007
West Indies356/5507.121v EnglandThe Oval27 Sep 2017
Australia355/5487.391v EnglandMelbourne22 Nov 2022
England355/5507.11v PakistanDubai (DSC)20 Nov 2015
South Africa354/3507.081v KenyaCape Town22 Oct 2001
India354/7507.081v AustraliaNagpur28 Oct 2009
South Africa354/6507.081v EnglandCape Town27 Nov 2009
South Africa354/5507.081v IrelandBenoni25 Sep 2016
South Africa353/3408.821v NetherlandsBasseterre16 Mar 2007
India353/5507.061v New ZealandHyderabad (Deccan)15 Nov 2003
Pakistan353/6507.061v EnglandKarachi15 Dec 2005
Australia353/6507.061v PakistanSydney22 Jan 2017
South Africa353/6507.061v BangladeshPaarl18 Oct 2017
India352/5507.041v AustraliaThe Oval9 Jun 2019
India351/449.37.092v AustraliaNagpur30 Oct 2013
India351/3507.021v KenyaPaarl24 Oct 2001
Pakistan351/4507.021v South AfricaDurban7 Feb 2007
Zimbabwe351/7507.021v KenyaMombasa29 Jan 2009
South Africa351/6507.021v ZimbabweBloemfontein15 Oct 2010
South Africa351/5507.021v NetherlandsMohali3 Mar 2011
England351/9507.021v PakistanLeeds19 May 2019
England350/3447.952v New ZealandNottingham17 Jun 2015
New Zealand350/949.37.072v AustraliaHamilton20 Feb 2007
India350/65071v Sri LankaNagpur25 Oct 2005
Australia350/45071v IndiaHyderabad5 Nov 2009
Australia350/65071v IndiaNagpur30 Oct 2013
Australia350/65071v ZimbabweHarare25 Aug 2014
England350/75071v IndiaPune15 Jan 2017

Highest Score in ODI by a Team: Cricket is a sport that has seen some remarkable feats over the years, but few are more impressive than a team scoring a massive total in an ODI (One Day International) match. Over the years, several teams have broken the record for the highest score in an ODI, but currently — England is the team with the highest score in the ODI format.

Highest ODI Score By A Team

On June 17, 2022, England set a new record for the highest ODI score by a team by scoring 498 runs for the loss of just four wickets against the Netherlands at Amstelveen. The previous record of 481 runs was also held by England, which they had set in 2018 against Australia.

England’s inning was a masterclass in batting, with several players contributing to the team’s total. Jos Buttler scored 162 runs in 107 balls and he went not out, Phil Salt and Dawid Malan also scored a century, 122 runs in 93 balls and 125 runs in 109 balls respectively.

England’s inning was characterized by a flurry of boundaries and sixes, with the team hitting 26 sixes and 36 fours in total. The team’s total of 498 runs became the highest score in ODI by a team at the international level.

But it is cricket, where the records are being made to be broken. England’s 498 runs in ODI is one of the toughest cricket records to break. What do you think — which team will break this record?

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