Fastest Ball In Cricket History

Fastest Ball In Cricket History

Shoaib AkhtarPakistan161v New Zealand27 Apr 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan160v New Zealand27 Apr 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan159.9v New Zealand21 Apr 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan159.5v Sri Lanka4 Dec 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan159v Sri Lanka17 Apr 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan158.4v Sri Lanka17 Apr 2002
Brett LeeAustralia157.4v South Africa3 Aug 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan157.4v Sri Lanka4 Dec 2002
Brett LeeAustralia157.3v South Africa3 Aug 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan157.2v Australia6 Sep 2001
Brett LeeAustralia156.2v South Africa1 Mar 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan156v South Africa29 Mar 2000
Brett LeeAustralia156v South Africa1 Apr 2000
Brett LeeAustralia156v South Africa1 Apr 2000
Brett LeeAustralia154.8v Pakistan23 Jan 2000
Brett LeeAustralia154.6v New Zealand1 Nov 2002
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan154.5unknown1999 season
Brett LeeAustralia154.5v New Zealand12 Jan 2001
Nantie HaywardSouth Africa154.4v India11 Mar 2001
Nantie HaywardSouth Africa154.3v Australia28 Dec 2001
Jason GillespieAustralia153.9v South Africa4 Jun 2002
Waqar YounisPakistan153v South Africa1 Jul 1993
Allan DonaldSouth Africa152.9v England26 Jul 0198
Waqar YounisPakistan152.6v England1996 season
Brett LeeAustralia152.4v England1 Aug 2001
Makhaya NtiniSouth Africa151.4v Australia22 Feb 2002
Shane BondNew Zealand151.2v Australia26 Jan 2002
Jason GillespieAustralia151v South Africa4 Mar 2002
Darren GoughEngland151v Australia13 Feb 1999
Nantie HaywardSouth Africa151v England12 Oct 1999
Brett LeeAustralia150unknown2000/01 season
Darren GoughEngland149.8v Zimbabwe1 May 2000
Jason GillespieAustralia149.7v New Zealand30 Nov 2000
Makhaya NtiniSouth Africa149.7v New Zealand2 Jan 2002
Javagal SrinathIndia149.6v Australia1997/98 season
List of fastest balls in cricket

Fastest Ball In Cricket History: In the sport of cricket, one of the most exciting moments for fans is when a bowler delivers a ball at an incredible speed, making it difficult for the batsman to react and hit it. Over the years, several fast bowlers have emerged who have stunned the cricketing world with their incredible pace. The quest for the fastest ball in cricket history has been ongoing, and various bowlers have claimed to have bowled the fastest delivery ever.

fastest ball in cricket history

The fastest ball in cricket history was bowled by Pakistan’s pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar who bowled at the speed of 161 km/h against New Zealand on 27 April 2002. Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler in the world Cricket has ever seen, he holds many top positions in the list of fastest balls in the Cricket history table we shared above.

Shoaib Akhtar holds the positions from 1st to 6th, for the bowling speeds 161, 160, 159.9, 159.5 and 159 respectively. The first two fastest balls came in one single match against New Zealand on 27 April 2002.

Apart from Shoaib Akhtar holding multiple positions in the table, Australia pace bowler Brett Lee is the second most fast bowler. He bowled a ball at the speed of 157.4 against South Africa on 3 Aug 2002.

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